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Request for help: donations

In the just over three years that DDY has been in the scene, I have never made a push for donations. When I have mentioned them, it was only for Blurays that weren’t appearing online at the normal places. I simply never needed them; I had plenty of disposable income from work and could afford to fund all of our work on my own.

Things have changed. At the beginning of August, I found out that my employer wasn’t willing to be flexible with my class schedule anymore, despite this being my last semester of school and my 2 years with the company while taking classes. On top of that, I became ineligible for financial aid this year. If only one of these things had happened, I might have been able to cope, but as it is, all of my savings will be tied up in tuition/fees and cost of living while I try to find a way to pay for what’s left.

Because of that, I am faced with the unfortunate need to ask something I never thought I would: your help paying for our servers.

I’ve already made some significant changes to our infrastructure to reduce costs and possibly increase performance at the same time. Below you can see the breakdown of our expected costs. For right now, it looks like I’ll need help for 4-5 months. I should be able to find a job soon after graduating in December. If that is not the case, I will update you all here.

Encode Server 54.12
Storage/FTP 54.5
Site 3.49
Seedbox 13
Total 125.11

If you like the work that DDY does and are willing and capable of helping, please consider donating. A few donation options:

  1. Paypal: Email us directly at [email protected] or message me on IRC to arrange a paypal donation.
  2. Flattr: Contribute on Flatter here.
  3. Patreon: Contribute on Patreon here.
  4. Other: Comment with a valid email below and we’ll get in contact.

If we receive any donations, we will make the amounts and what for/when we are using it public here.

Thank you,

23 comments to Request for help: donations

  • Period

    we accept monopoly money too

  • BinbouDesuYo

  • eD1son

    No Patreon option?

    • I will look into it. I was under the impression patreon is stricter about their rules for what can be funded through it.

    • Thanks for wanting to help! I’ve set up a Patreon page here

      Let me know if you have any problems with it.

  • Araska

    Some money heading your way…

  • moozooh

    Holy shit those encode server costs! When I was younger™ people would just encode using their (usually beefy) home computers. Then again, in those times it was a toss-up between a shit quality speedsub encodes and something that was being released at a glacial enough pace to be processed on a 486DX and not lose any time doing so.

    • Luckily, after 3-4 months, we won’t need an encode server any more as Saeval will be able to afford his own encode-capable PC. Some of our encodes, especially BDs, can take upwards of 18 hours to encode even on a recent cpu. (persona 3 #4 1080p took >85 hours!) So it would be unimaginably slow on his laptop computer lol

  • Donate $25 or more and i’ll typeset your name as a hidden Easter-egg in one of our releases.

  • Anon

    May I ask which provider you use to get that kind of rate on the GB-per-USD you’re getting, or is that the sort of thing that’s kept sekrit?

  • Kebabs

    What kind of shit server are you using for the FTP for it to cost $54/mo? That’s an absolute joke.

    • Period

      If you’re implying that it’s cheap, it’s because we got a deal on it.

      If you’re implying that it’s way too expensive, I think you’re underestimating how much storage we need, what kind of network we need it to be on to support staff that are global, and the processing power we may need to run software other than simply ftp.

  • Kebabs

    If it’s used for more than just the FTP then why is it listed as FTP costs?

    On another note I can easily get many servers with upwards of 4TB space on quadcores with 32gb of ram or more, for less, on 1Gbit lines with good worldwide tiering… You’re overpaying, simple as.

    • Period

      Because at the moment it’s just running another method of fileshare on top of FTP.

      And with Windows + the host allowing license transfers so we don’t have to pay for a new one? Please enlighten us.

  • Kebabs

    Why would you use a Windows server for FTP? and what’s the other filesharing method, I assume BT or XDCC?

    FTP on Linux for dummies (Debian)

    • Period

      XDCC is hosted elsewhere. It’s just something different we’re testing out.

      I’ll leave begna to reply to this if he wants to explain why we need Windows, but it’s not about not knowing how to set up FTP on Linux. We could do that easily.

    • linux ftp applications are mostly out of date, vulnerable and not configuration friendly when you need fine-grained user-based permissions. I’ve used proftpd in the past and it’s a pain.

      Feel free to link your alternatives and we’ll consider them. That said, I highly doubt that options with the specs and price you’re claiming exist.

      • Anon

        linux ftp applications are mostly out of date, vulnerable and not configuration friendly when you need fine-grained user-based permissions

        daDDY, I love you, and I don’t want this call for donations to turn into a backseat sysadmin contest, but to me it seems like you’re being a retard.

        That being said, 54 dollarinos for a big ol’ server for storage isn’t too bad, but Hetzner will sell you 5 TB managed storage servers for 25 USD/month with 15 TB of traffic per month. If you went to like Amazon AWS and ghetto-rigged yourself a setup together of scalable storage and an EC2 instance, you might be able to save even more money since you only pay for what you use, but of course at a “you need to know your shit” price.

        Also, just checked the spreadsheet and it looks like you guys are doing fine on money for now so I guess this entire argument isn’t too big of a deal.

        Now give me my cummies and call me squishy

        • Period

          Until we have a bot to autorelease shit (if we ever will (desch pls)) we also need the server for various windows applications in order to get shows finished and out. We looked at Hetzner and the biggest issue was that Begna couldn’t use his Windows Server license there I believe. Begna has also said he had issues in the past with Hetzner for whatever reason so we have what we have now. Yeah, it’s not the cheapest, but for what we’re getting and the network we’re on I think it’s a decent price.

          We’ll have a followup post on donations along with our fall plans coming up in a week or so. We’ll probably be unstickying this post but will leave the patreon and flattr running? I think a source of income to use on BDs that aren’t appearing online would be neat, but we haven’t fully discussed it all yet. Thanks to everyone who donated though.

          • If you decide to keep using Flattr (IMO you should) consider getting the Flattr Plugin for your WP to automatically add buttons to all your posts.
            Right now a button/URL can only be flattred once per month so the more buttons you have the more you can get per user and month.

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