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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 24

Even Emilia is depressed about next episode being the last

Trivia: “Tora Tora Tora” is a codeword used to indicate that complete surprise had been achieved. During WW2, it started the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1970, a movie called “Tora! Tora! Tora!” was made that dramatizes those events.

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19 comments to Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 24

  • Volardin

    Such a beautiful feeling checking your site only to see this release as of 1 minute ago.

  • Captcha

    Can’t you just animate the LN yourself – come on don’t be slothful :P

  • Dame”Speedsubban”DesuYo

  • Spoiler Altert*

    This episode was indeed, slothful.

    PSA: This episode turned out great.

  • Trivia: Toradora! is an anime about a boy whose life’s goal is to surprise a little Mexican girl so thoroughly that she realizes her best friend is a monkey in boots.

  • Thanks for the episode!

  • Randomacts

    Episode 25 when?


    Season 2 when?

  • LucazTz

    Hey, is Ferris a girl?!
    How the hell did you put him in that poll?!!

  • FireFish

    I understand that Betelgeuse was momentarily a girl, but placing him above Ferris is taking the joke too far!
    That being said, Rem stole my heart twice now. She was given two scenes, no, a scene and an episode to do so. I won’t give my vote to anyone else.

    Characters I like most:
    Rem, Emilia, Ram, Ferris(she is a girl, I refuse to believe otherwise)

    Most developed Characters:
    Subaru, Rem, Emilia, Ram, Wilhelm, Felt

  • >22 Betty votes


  • Goran

    Thank you for the release!

  • Anonymous Coward

    What happened to Rem by the way? The blue haired sister vanished! :(

    • J

      Did you skip episodes or something? She went back to the city.

  • Anifan

    Did You Know?
    Access the secret Hentai releases by pressing Control+W.

    DAMN YOU!!!!

    • costmuffled

      Oh that. I heard it was changed a while back to alt-F4.

      • Anifan

        there is a little info thing between the poles, so i followed its advice D:

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