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https://damedesuyo.com/safe-dating-sites-for-free/ Vol. 1-6 @ Batch (Period)
Blend S Vol 2-5 @ retiming (Owningmatt93)
Dimension W Vol. 2-6 @ QC (begna112), OVA @ Edit (begna112)
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! Vol. 2 @ TM,TS,QC, TM (SP2) (all Period)
Gakkou Gurashi Vol. 1-6 @ All (begna112)
Keijo!!!!!!!! Vol. 1 @ edit (skiddiks)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond Vol 1-6 @ TL/Edit (Sei), Vol. 6 @ encode (begna112)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond OAV OAV @ TL (Sei)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Vol. 1-6 @ QC (Nazaki)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Vol. 1-6 @ QC (Nazaki)
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Vol. 1 @ encode (Saeval)
Kono Bijutsubu Vol. 1-6 @ All (Period)
Koukaku no Pandora Specials @ TL
Love Lab Vol. 7 @ TS (begna112)
Masamune-kun no Revenge Vol. 1-4 @ retiming (begna112), Vol 5-6 @ edit (Period), TLC (shinchan)
NGNL Vol. 6 @ QC (Stein)
ReZero Re:Petit All @ edit (Nazaki)
Soushin Shoujo Matoi OVA @ TL (Areki)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)



Trinity Seven Vol. 1

It is strangely erotic.

In other news, we’re hiring! We’re in need of Translators and Translation checkers, Encoders, Timers, Typesetters and KFXers. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

14 comments to Trinity Seven Vol. 1

  • FlameHaze

    Pantsu slip! Thanks for the delicious blurays.

  • Saya

    Just want to ask. What you mean by *Anime Name Vol. x @ BDMV?

    • itsp

      A BDMV is essentially the file format of a particular Bluray disc. While it’s a bit different, for simplicity you could compare it to an .iso file that you’d often see with CD/DVD releases.

      When we say a release is “@ BDMV” it means we’re waiting for either;
      • The Bluray disk to be released online as a BDMV for us to encode.
      • A physical Bluray disk to arrive from Japan so we can extract the BDMV ourselves.

      Unfortunately if the first point doesn’t happen, we have to finance the second point ourselves.
      However, we have setup an Amazon Wishlist to allow our fans to buy and automatically send a particular Bluray to us.

  • boingman

    Any new or uncensored content compared to the tv broadcast?

  • Tooru

    Censored…. loooooooooolz.

  • Treza

    can’t download, still on “connection to peers” (sorry for my english, I’m french)

    • itsp

      It could be any number of reason’s. The trackers are running and the stats for the primary tracker show that collectively 581 people have completed downloading either the 720 or 1080p versions. This doesn’t include stats from the secondary tracker, nor people that joined the swarm via DHT.

      The first thing you should do is check that you’ve got your Torrent client setup correctly. There’s usually guides on the homepage of most torrent clients, so start there. (Just Google the name of your client: Deluge, µTorrent, Transmission, etc).
      Failing that, your ISP or network administrator may have blocked Torrents.
      The good news is that we also offer our releases via IRC XDCC bots. Jump onto #DameDesuYo on the Rizon network and you can download it from there.

  • What’s the point of BD if the contents are still censored lol.

    • Actually decent quality is still a valid point, but yeah, usually one would like his animu uncensored.

    • Lots of people prefer bluray quality. And its not like the show was “censored” and this is just the first volume. Like Brynhildr and the bath scenes later there could be goodies :P

  • hazgazemos

    censored huh. rather watch High School DxD instead. boo hisss.

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