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Ao no Exorcist: Kyouto Fujouou-hen Vol. 1-6 @ Batch (Period)
Blend S Vol 2-5 @ retiming (Owningmatt93)
Dimension W Vol. 2-6 @ QC (begna112), OVA @ Edit (begna112)
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! Vol. 2 @ TM,TS,QC, TM (SP2) (all Period)
Gakkou Gurashi Vol. 1-6 @ All (begna112)
Keijo!!!!!!!! Vol. 1 @ edit (skiddiks)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond Vol 1-6 @ TL/Edit (Sei), Vol. 6 @ encode (begna112)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond OAV OAV @ TL (Sei)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Vol. 1-6 @ QC (Nazaki)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Vol. 1-6 @ QC (Nazaki)
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Vol. 1 @ encode (Saeval)
Kono Bijutsubu Vol. 1-6 @ All (Period)
Koukaku no Pandora Specials @ TL
Love Lab Vol. 7 @ TS (begna112)
Masamune-kun no Revenge Vol. 1-4 @ retiming (begna112), Vol 5-6 @ edit (Period), TLC (shinchan)
NGNL Vol. 6 @ QC (Stein)
ReZero Re:Petit All @ edit (Nazaki)
Soushin Shoujo Matoi OVA @ TL (Areki)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)




Personally, I’m disappointed that the adaptation isn’t following the manga. We’ve missed out on dozens of MC × Nekomata ecchi shenanigans.

We’re continuing with our Normal subtitle track for normal people, and our Super localized track for people who don’t like Japanese names in Japanese media.
The Pokémon subs will be made available as patches as each episode is completed. Understand that compiling joke-subs are the lowest of the low priority jobs we have, and aren’t a good reason to delay releasing a show.

The youma of the week is after the break.

Want to learn our True Names? Join us! We’re in need of Translators and Translation checkers, Encoders, Typesetters and KFXers. Skilled Editors and Quality Checkers are also welcome to apply. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

Jubokko: A tree, often found growing on former battlefields or ground where human blood has spilled. Requiring human blood to survive, it will entangle and trap unsuspecting victims who wander too close. It will either squeeze the blood out of its victim in order for it to soak into the ground, like in this weeks episode, or it will suck the blood of its victim through root like branches.

Oboroguruma: Originally a possessed oxen cart, the term these days can be applied to any vehicle. Born from the negative energy of people that have died during disputes over vehicles, it mainly appears during foggy nights. Only the sound of its squeaky wheels (or engine for modern retellings) indicates its presence. The original oxen cart oboroguruma is depicted with the face of an old woman, rumored to have been killed over a cart ownership dispute.

28 comments to ISUCA 03

  • PaleBlue

    WHAT? But Tamako is the best part of the show!

    • itsp

      Well, there’s not a lot of shenanigans as such, but Tamako did sleep at Shinichiro’s apartment the first night.

  • ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    as expected of a 10-episode adaptation.

    they’re practically streamlining the plot while eliminating heavy doses of fanservice?? Say it aint so?!

  • Why not just name the secondary track, “CommieSubs”?

    • Madox

      Cuz they don’t monopolize localizated subs?
      Alternative track is fine, though it would be best to just get rid of all sans/kuns and other stupid things.

      English not engrish ftw.

      • Bracket

        >stupid things

        Why not just go watch HS and stop watching DDY releases?

        Japanese != English just as English != Japanese. The show is set in modern Japan and is heavily based on their history and culture, so it’s only logical to use honorifics and keep cultural references and terms. You’re lucky DDY is even humoring you and putting effort into a second track.

        DDY should just use their original script instead of wasting time butchering their script attempting to cater to those that can’t bother to learn anything, since it’s clear you’ll never be satisfied.

        • Madox

          >so it’s only logical to use honorifics and keep cultural references and terms

          Nope, cuz untranslated honorifics are useless and people aren’t deaf.
          And I don’t give a darn about culture or whatsoever.
          It’s just ecchi, dude, and censored, to boot.

          • Bracket

            >It’s just ecchi

            Again, go watch HS or raws if you’re only watching it to fap. There’s no reason for you to watch DDY’s release.

          • Why are you watching it in the first place then?

          • actually, a lot of people, myself included, dont listen to the japanese at all except for tone of voice. but the honorifics are often plot relevant and define character relationships. for people who watch anime like I do (ignoring the japanese), having the honorifics in the subs is pretty important.

          • logarithm

            ^but how will you ever learn 日本語 and become a true fan of the animes if you don’t also listen to the characters, begnaちゃん? Truly Commie has the superior subs for those who truly seek to be one with the animes and become powerful wizards

          • Anonymous

            Check your hearing privilege, ableist scum.

          • itsp

            There is a reason I chose the language code nub for the localized track. Not because I think north-east Africa is an under appreciated tourist destination, but because the abbreviation nub is also a derogatory term born on the Internet.
            A nub is someone who, despite ample opportunities, actively refuses to learn something. They are, in essence, choosing to remain ignorant.

            It baffles me why anyone would choose to remain ignorant.
            Especially when watching anime and/or reading manga and light novels is a hobby they seemingly enjoy doing.
            It baffles me why anyone would choose to not only remain ignorant, but actually go out of their way to try to force their ignorance on other viewers by complaining on a fansub release post.

            Take the following sequence from this weeks episode:

            Scene 1: A sentient car with an attitude problem has just eaten a person, fusing with them to become some sort of abominable hybrid of flesh and steel.
            Scene 2: The MC asks “What is that?”
            Scene 3: The girl beside him replies “An oboroguruma”.

            You’d have to have developmental issues to be unable to link the thing in scene 1 with the name mentioned in scene 3. And yet people complain about name association as if it is fucking impossible to do.
            But if you were to replace “oboroguruma” with “Bob”, “’67 Chevy”, or even “Red car” suddenly nubs are able to make that association (I’m well aware that is not a ’67 Chevy). For people unfamiliar with the term oboroguruma, all the name examples here carry the same level of information about its youma elements. Even the term we settled upon for the localized track, “gloom car”, doesn’t provide any new information to the viewer beyond what the on-screen visuals convey.

            Here’s another example from episode 01. The name that sparked it all, “nekomata“. If associating the only character yet to be formally introduced with the label the MCs have given it is too hard, then I can only assume you’re either a nub or a troll.
            For starters, one would have had to already make the association between this image and this distinctively Japanese name earlier, and no-one complained that that was too hard.

            Now, the topic a surprisingly large number of people complain about, honorifics. Some people argue that honorifics are meaningless, while others say they can be translated. But once again, I’m baffled. Honorifics are not that hard to pick up and understand just by watching a few anime. And there are thousands of webpages out there if you want to actively learn rather than passively absorb the information. They add valuable information about character interactions that can be expressed quickly and simply without resorting to vague or convoluted descriptions that interrupt the flow of the script.

            Japanese anime is not Saturday morning Nickelodeon. Japanese anime is made by Japanese people for a Japanese audience. As such, honorifics, cultural references, and such are bound to appear and become relevant to understanding the plot. And honestly, I don’t think name association or passively learning honorifics is all that hard, nor is it too much to ask of our viewers. You already do name association with every other character, and you can choose to ignore the honorifics if they bother you for some bizarre reason.

            Choosing to remain ignorant and actively stopping yourself from having the full viewing experience is just sad.
            Choosing to remain ignorant and actually going out of your way to try to force your ignorance on other viewers is even sadder.

          • logarithm


          • Xythar

            I think you should just sub the show the way you want to sub it instead of getting super butthurt that 100% of leechers don’t agree with you (because face it: they never will). For the record, I have no problem with leaving the names in Japanese, but all this ridiculous soapboxing is just dumb. Just have fun subbing the show instead of turning it into a holy war.

            • itsp

              Well, personally I am having fun working on the show. And to be honest the alternate track isn’t very time consuming, killing honorifics, replacing imouto/nee with sister, etc, is a few simple clicks. If people are commenting, that means they are not only watching our releases, but are sufficiently engaged enough to want to comment. This is a good thing, regardless if the comment is positive or negative. When I posted previously it wasn’t because I was “super butthurt”, or trying to start a war with our viewers. Quite the opposite actually. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including us, and I expressed mine in the comments above. As for the actual release posts, I’m merely playing off the negative comments in a humorous way (at least that’s how it was intended).

        • Bracket you’re a god among men.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the secondary track. I’m scared of anything japanese, it feels like Pearl Habor all over again.

  • Thanks for the episode!

  • ITSP, Thank you♥

    For those too w/e to read what ITSP wrote:

    >Choosing to remain ignorant and actually going out of your way to try to force your ignorance on other viewers is even sadder.

    • Madox

      How so?
      It’s just saturday cartoon.

      • What’s a “saturday cartoon” you’re too retarded I don’t understand what you’re farting.

        weak ignorant troll is weak and ignorant

  • addityo

    Thanks for the episode.

    BTW any eta for amaburu vol. 2?

    • Period


    • It should be a matter of a few days by now.
      In the meantime you can poke hop on our channel and poke begna112 with a virtual stick to make things faster.

  • boingman

    Although I am not watching this show (yet, might change with the blu-ray’s), I appreciate the way you’re translating it. Thank you.

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