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ReZero Re:Petit All @ edit (Nazaki)
Soushin Shoujo Matoi Vol. 6 @ Encode (majin3)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)
WWW.Working!! Vol. 4 @ extra scene TL



Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? BD Batch

Working on this has been… hard. Not only for the staff who (re-)worked on this, but for me as well, who had to whip said staff and always pay attention to all the little details involved in managing a project. It was worth it though, because I wanted to do the BDs of this show since I watched the first episode, and also because it’s pretty satisfying to release something you worked on hard along with someone else.
This feeling is partly ruined by the fact that I still have no internet, but you can’t have everything I guess

Here’s the staff who ganbatte’d for this show:

Editing: QQwerty
Timing: Sushi-chan, Sarrink
Typesetting: Chrolo
Encoding: Saeval
QC: Period (01-02), Razkuba (03-12), Saeval, Suhaib, Steinr (01-02)
Personal TLC who beared with yours truly: Rageo

That’d be all. We really hope you’ll enjoy this unlike as much as we did!

50 comments to Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? BD Batch

  • jorgelotr

    What are the differences between TV release and BD? AFAIK there shouldn’t have been any censoring, so those 2GB extra, which are not completely explainable by encoding differences and OP/ED should hint extra scenes and/or improved effects…

    • Colors and stuff are totally different compared to TV. Also the 720p is encoded in 4:4:4 so there’s that. I wouldn’t know about extras or improvements since I didn’t watch TV

      • jorgelotr

        Checked exactly what was that of 4:4:4 and, while I still don’t get it all (will keep checking it), it says that 4:4:4 is “source uncompressed” while TV broadcasts tend to be converted to 4:2:2, and that the loss ratio is about 1.5:1, which is compatible with the size increase.
        “Colors and stuff” seem to be due to that 4:4:4 vs. 4:2:2, which involves color loss.

        • No, source itself was different. 4:4:4 doesn’t change saturation or anything like that.

          • jorgelotr

            After checking more in depth, I was probably right. Let me rephrase it:

            -TV source, being prepared for TV broadcasting, was natively 4:2:2. Add to that any loss in encoding afterwards (encoding such a source in 4:4:4 would yield the exact same image but heavier in size, so it’d be a waste of time; you probably encoded it in 4:2:2).

            -BD source was made to be of better quality, so it was uncompressed from the original 4:4:4, which yields better quality in coloring (i.e source itself was different, with better coloring due to no loss), and you encoded it in 4:4:4 (same format), so no loss.

            A 4:4:4 source encoded in 4:4:4 should be about 50% bigger than a 4:2:2 source encoded in 4:2:2.

          • You seem to forget that the BD is mastered at 1080p 4:2:0. And again, it’s not a saturation thing. I’d post some comparison if I could, but trust me when I say you wouldn’t notice a difference between 4:2:0 and 4:4:4 in most of the scenes.
            Also that 50% seems like an excessive esteem. Chroma planes do not take much space, and there are some encoder settings you can tweak to actually make it smaller.

          • jorgelotr

            The 50% thing I got it from the article itsP referred to, and there it explains why (basically, 4:4:4 has a luma value and two chroma values per pixel while 4:2:0 has, if I’m not wrong only two chroma values per 16-pixel squares, or so). Also, re-encoding 4:4:4 from a 4:2:0 source doesn’t really improve the quality, only makes the file heavier than it should (unless that theory about compressing of the channels is true).

          • Those are theoretically values, you should get them with a grain of salt.
            What you say about encoding 4:2:0 is true if you keep the same luma resolution than the source, so 1080p in this case. In the case of 720p, encoding in 4:4:4 lets you avoid a loss of chroma information since you don’t have to downscale it to 360p, thing you should do for 720p 4:2:0.

          • jorgelotr

            Ah, so it was downscaled. No wonder. Then it really does make a difference.

        • itsP

          This wikipedia article on Chroma subsampling should explain everything better.

          Anime isn’t often encoded in 4:4:4 because most anime uses black (pure luminosity) outlines for everything and there’s therefore no added benefit to having the color information encoded at the same resolution as the luminosity (monochrome) information. In this show, however, 4:4:4 is beneficial because it isn’t all black outlines, there’s colored outlines at times.

          • jorgelotr

            That was the first I checked, and the basis for my first reply, but I still had some doubts, which I’ve already cleared with another article I found that showed it a bit more clearly, but essentially says the same.

  • Jayblue

    A surprise release from DDY?!!

    I take it that 1080p is not recommended for this show.

    • Do you like your surprises? :>
      Also 1080p is an upscale and I wouldn’t recommended it in this case. That being said, it should look better than on a FHD screen than an upscaled 720p if you don’t use madVR or another decent renderer.

  • What a nice surprise :)
    Thanks for the release. Keep up the good work DDY staff

  • Thanks guys, it’s nice to have an actual BD release of this.

  • kotorin

    so 1080p is bad?

    • itsP

      Not “bad”, just unnecessary when you consider the native resolution of the show. The 1080 is nothing but an upscale.

    • ^ What homie said. Also read my answer above.

      • kotorin

        an upscale like horriblesubs 1080p releases?

        • I want to believe I’m a bit better than that.
          So no, at the very least more like an upscale as all BD releases of anime that are 720p native.

  • kotorin

    So for archival purpose I download the 720p?, sorry for the question I’m retarded in this area

    • 720p should look good enough, especially if you use a good renderer (e.g. madVR or mpv’s). If that’s not the case and/or you don’t mind the extra space and/or you have at least a FHD monitor, you might want to get the 1080p.

  • rude

    I was waiting for this release from you guys till I saw how it was encoded… If this is anything like Saeval’s Shirobako 4:4:4 I’m expecting an increase of halos and artifacts that wasn’t in the source (I got the BDMV) in exchange for maintaining those “color lines” as I assume was also the reason for the use in No Game No Life.

    I’ve read the comment above and not sure why even use it to begin with when not all sources would benefit from 4:4:4 and will make it worse as from what I saw from Shirobako and other 4:4:4 encoded animes. What comes to mind is the only good one that I bothered to see I seen was the Street Fighter 2 movie and maybe one from Underwater. I’m still downloading to see for myself but ignore this if it’s acceptable and if my PC can handle it.

    • rude

      I guess I can toss my BDMVs. Only issue is too much dark lining. Same problem was on the Trinity BDs. It doesn’t look good at all. http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/147040

      • guy with god-tier taste

        you got bad taste for lines

      • I’m sorry, I fail to see any particular problem in those comparisons – aside from the blurriness in the first ones :P Rokujouma in particular was a mess and I tried to be very careful with it. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s perfect as I might have missed something, but overall I was very pleased with the result. More so than in T7 probably.
        And what begna said. 4:4:4 and halos have nothing to do with each other. The former is about chroma, while the latter is a luma problem.

        Also I hope you checked out the last volumes of Shirobako as I changed script several times for that, and Vol. 1 in particular was kinda bad :P

      • Tennouji

        I just checked the comparison, and noticed the thing about the lines. My eyes tell me that the BDMV is a little more clean in lines compared to DDY’s encode which has more crisp (theres the jagged impression though not apparent at first glance) and a little darker. I see this in every 720p videos, and always thought it’s fine as it is.

      • Tennouji


        Here’s another comparison. I encoded both using the same settings from 1080p BDMV source downscaled to 720p @ CRF 15 Hi10P H264. Notice the 4:2:0 screenshot losing some details and color info, ending up being generally brighter in some areas where there should be more color gradiation, as well as some color banding issues very apparent on the upper right part of the screenshot.

    • If Saeval does it with DDY then it’s because he convinced me it was “worth it”. His own releases he does whatever he likes.

      Also, i kind of doubt Saeval would ever release anything with consistent haloing. I would question your renderer settings before i doubted his encode.

      And, last thing, using 4:4:4 should not contribute to haloing at all. The only thing we’re doing when we use 4:4:4 is NOT downscaling the chroma to 360p and instead leaving it at 720p as it is on the bluray source. That means NOT downscaling the colors for lines and everywhere else. The only sharpness that might be “gained” is actually the result of not downscaling.

  • Gin-Iro

    My brain hurts from reading all the comments above (≧д≦ヾ). Just want say thanks for this BD release and I think this is the greatest OP kfx DDY has ever made. I’m very impressed by it since watching TV version but never got the chance to express my megaloblastic fantastic feelin’ before. (*≧▽≦)

    • Don’t worry about them, it’s probably a good thing if you just skip them :P Thanks for your support in any case, it’s good to know we didn’t work hard for nothing!

  • Chrolo

    I’ve been demoted to a secondary mention on the release image ;_;

    Still, cheers for doing this Saeval, was pleasantly surprised to find this being worked on!

    • You’re right, but it was just too fitting for the both of us :>
      (I’d say Steinr is more secondary in any case :D)

      • Chrolo

        Because we’re both the best and secretly saving the world? <3

  • BeerWench

    I loved this show and you guys delivered the BD quality! Thank you!

    Hmm 720 is recommended…but but I like the 1080!

    Hardware is not a problem nor is HDD space, I also prefer full screen watching on at least a FHD monitor. Which do you recommend I get for this. Sorry for the question that has already been discussed, just my OCD.

    • Go for the 1080p in your case. As I said above it should look better than an upscaled 720p for most people :)

      • BeerWench

        Thanks very much for the reply, I appreciate it :-)

  • I thought you guys stated one year ago that you wouldn’t be doing the BDs? Still immensely happy for the BDs though.

    • Stuff happened back at the time, so we probably said that. I didn’t care about said stuff though and insisted for doing it basically :P

  • BeerWench

    I see no problem with this^^ Good show excuses slave labour :-P

  • Thanks for the release!

  • Ep. 05 is missing the fonts in the OP lyrics

  • anonkun

    Hey Guys, Not getting speed on the 720p one, could someone help out???
    even Junketsu no Maria[1080p] is being slow

    • Are you sure it’s not a problem on your end? There shouldn’t be any seeding issues with either of those.

  • Dede Lennons

    what is the font for [BlurayDesuYo] Rokujouma no Shinryakusha – 05 (BD 1920×1080 10bit FLAC) [71813CF5] as missing in OP Karaoke, thanks

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