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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 01

I really really want this chick to step on my dick.

KFX next week, when we know we have the real OP/ED video.

We need more steam-smiths to work on the DDY Hype-train. We’re in need of KFXers, Translators, and Translation Checkers as well as skilled editors, timers and typesetters. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

74 comments to Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 01

  • Period confirmed for shit taste.
    Here and here some pictures of best grill.

  • Bracket

    Have to admit, if it weren’t for the late 80s character designs + modern animation I probably wouldn’t have picked this up so early. Let’s see where this Shingeki no Kabane goes.

  • Mumei for President

    Glad you picked this up but please don’t overdo the translation, “Mister Bell” made me sad last year and I can see history repeating itself, somethings, names in particular just don’t need translating.

    • Period

      Mumei means No-name or Nameless. If you were to tell me you would have understood why he was confused by “Mumei” without knowing that translation, you’d be lying tbh. Our TL brought it up during TLC even. We localize where it’s necessary.

  • bob

    A question, is it”No-Name” or “Mumei” ? Which one is right?

    • Period

      Refer to my comment to the Mumei for President guy. Mumei means No-name. It’s simply a translation because it needs to be translated to make sense.

  • Mumei for President

    Thanks for your reply but I did get the meaning of Mumei.

    Mumei is a small detail, what baffles me is the fact that the HS used Iron Fortress in the title but then reverted to the original names for the trains in the script (sorry but I don’t know if it’s originally from Crunchy Roll etc) whereas DDY has done the reverse.

  • While I understand that Mumei means Nameless and some people won’t get that, but Japanese anime character names are full of these puns/meanings. That doesn’t mean that for example in Ace Attorney you translate Naruhodo to “I see” or Yahari to “I thought so”, just because people might not get it.

    Using No-name is while technically correct, feels awkward and doesn’t flow right. I think a translation note would have been appropriate, when she first introduces herself, but then stick with Mumei after that.

    • Period

      But in this case it’s not even really her name. She literally doesn’t have one–it’s basically a nickname. Nicknames are often translated in subs as well, because the purpose of them is to have meaning.

      Say that someone names her by the end of the show. What then? People will be confused as to why she needed a name in the first place.

      And I would never put TL notes in my shows. If something can be explained with a TL note, then it can be put in the dialogue one way or another.

      • I don’t think it is an issue if she gets named at the end of the show while initially being named with Mumei. The audience watching through the episodes will know her name as Mumei due to the introduction in episode 1, it is only jarring and confusing for someone who is reading a summary or only watches the first episode and the episode with her proper name in it. And because it is the introduction between the MC and her that provides a name, technically from the audiences point of view her actual name as of that moment is Mumei, the audience doesn’t know if it’s a nickname, or real name, or a fake name. The dialogue two line afterwards from the MC helps the audience establish that the name given may be false, but it doesn’t provide any further clarity.

        I would like to point out that if you were to localize Mumei, “no-name” is awkward. In most cases, people would say “nobody”, considering (with my very limited japanese understanding) that the querying dialogue “kimi wa” from the MC translates to “you are?”, which could said to be similar to “who are you?”.

        Anyway that’s my opinion, can’t wait for next weeks episode, and eventually Love Lab \:D/.

        • Period

          The reason for No-name over, say, Nameless, is because it’s basically alliteration like Mu-Mei.

          • logarithm

            That’s dumb tbh, 無* in Japanese is a basic construct used in a lot of negative adjectives (like infinite or impossible), a few of which don’t even have a similar negation part in their English equivalents. The alliteration is probably not even intentional.

          • Period

            I wasn’t implying Mumei was alliteration, I’m just saying it sounds like it in english lol.

          • logarithm

            Yeah, I watched it and No-name fits well. Nameless would be a bit stiff.

  • There will be some people who don’t like that you used Corpses instead of leaving it as Kabane.

    I personally find it no problem, it is just the same as translating Kyojin to Titan and is a literal translation.

    • Period

      Luckily those people still have amazon to watch if they want Kabane left in the script. :)

  • Nael

    Man, reading No-name everytime is just annoying and ruins it for me. Thank for for doing this, but I’ll stick with HS on this one.

  • You should’ve named her Anon :^)

  • ¬_¬

    Z-Nation x AoT :p

  • Anonymous

    >stop translating things

  • How was Amazon’s original script for this episode, any good, or was major editing needed?

  • B A S E D

  • Only other localisation I am curious about is “bushi” being translated as “knights”, compared to something like “warrior” or “samurai” although they all would be correct I suppose.

    They do seem like they are in an upper social class compared to the rest of the civilians in this show.

    • In terms of meaning, “Samurai” is definitely the closest. Unfortunately, calling their caste/class/organisation/whatever the “Samurai” with caps and all looks awful. We considered “Warrior” too, but that didn’t quite give off the same noble arrogance that the original is probably supposed to convey.

      “Knight” is annoyingly western in its connotations, but I personally decided it was the best choice, given how they see themselves as the guardians of the people while at the same time being (as was shown) incredibly conceited.

      • HerpaDerpa

        Popo is mo bettah.

        Ah lawdy da Popo shot anahda one! Wait he ain black… Fuck it den I ain’t riotin’ ovah no cracka ass cracka!

  • I don’t get all these complaints and discussion about how x is translated to y or translated at all. Your sub is perfectly fine the way it is – and I am VERY picky with subs. Keep up the good work!

    • I have to agree. Usually I like my subs rather literal, but the Mu-mei/No-name argument is beyond me.

    • I guess you weren’t around for the ruckus over UTW’s translation for the F/SN UBW for Illya and Shirou in episode 00, serious fans were serious in that debate.

  • Mumei for President

    Simple answer, you continue your high standard subs as you are, (and that is meant in a complimentary manner) and if anyone wishes to make any adjustments (as I did with the whole “Mister Bell” issue). It’s pretty simple for them, myself included to edit with Aegisub.

    Amazon or crunchyroll or whoever are not an option compared with the care and attention given by DDY and several of the other fan-subbing groups.

    Once again, many thanks for picking up this series and I’m looking forward to all your future releases.

    • Humberto H

      Fansubs >>> streaming sites.
      Because fansubs make the subs with love jaja
      Typesetting, karaokes, KFK, signs, notes, proper translations, etc

      • HerpaDerpa

        This is especially important given this is one of very few good shows I’ve seen this season. Thus far, anyway.

  • Klawdij

    Rename her to Anon.

  • noctepco

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the protagonist voice ?

  • The voice acting for Ikoma was all over the place that episode, very deep at some stages, quite high at others and his normal tone just seems off for a person of his age.

  • Hiroin

    Do like Asenshi did for mumei.
    It is really nice http://www.imgur.com/gIFYngt

  • Was episode 2 delayed in Japan, I noticed a Chinese raw on Nyaa, but no Japanese raw and it also wasn’t on Crunchyroll.

  • Not Crunchyroll I meant Horriblesubs, which also rip from Amazon.

    • Period

      Uptobox isn’t available in my country.
      If that’s just the Chinese cap, we can’t do anything with it.

  • yes chinese
    Possible hired him for translate XD

  • John

    Hey guys you seemed to have translated the words in this show to English, I think it really changes the meaning of the show in a bad way. Can you just give us subs in glorious nihongo?

  • Jesse

    Without being privy to the intent of the creators, I cannot say for sure, but Mumei can also be 無銘, which means “not leaving a trace” rather than “without a name”. For example a painting without a signature is 無銘. This is the perfect name for someone who is trained to go in, kill, and leave without a trace. A ninja for example.

    • Period

      But her name isn’t written like 無銘, it’s written 無名.

    • koinuri

      Uhh, no.

      From http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/jn/216467/meaning/m0u/

      1. To inscribe a history or someone’s achievement on objects such as metal and containers (such as bowls)
      2. To name a significant object
      3. Creator’s name written on their creations (painting with signature goes here)
      4. Warnings and other words engraved deeply in someone’s heart

      This is a specific form of “name”, as you should be able to tell from kanji, which is written with 金 (gold/metal) and 名 (name). For example, “mumei no katana” points to katana without a name (definition 2). So even if it was 無銘, it’d still roughly be “No Name”. An example is a main character from Fate/Extra. Fate series loves to be chuunibyou and odd, so the main character’s “true name” (never played the game so..) is 無銘 and means “No Name”.

  • Nimious

    Would it be possible to get an update on the second episode? It still says delayed on the left.

    • Period

      It’s not delayed at us, it’s literally delayed in Japan. Besides the leaked Chinese raw the second episode hasn’t aired yet. It’s expected to air tomorrow.

    • All aboard the mini hype train.

  • I actually liked the translation. Yes, you had to translate some words but I actually liked how you did that and it was fun comparing it to what the characters were actually saying. Well done, guys!

  • Anon

    “Flashmouse, I choose you.”

  • Svered

    I’m a little surprised you didn’t do two sub tracks, localized and not, given some of the names (especially since people are getting feisty about it). While I might not be 100% on board with the whole No-name thing, I can’t fault you for going the extra mile (as well as logically defending your decision), and these subs are definitely the best out for the show.

  • Vorfeed

    I`m for dual-subs adapted and not – No-name is something especially irritating.

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