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Garo: Vanishing Line 07

Pretty sure Police with machine guns is Japan’s image of the US.

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8 comments to Garo: Vanishing Line 07

  • Juan

    They wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, nowadays.

    Thanks for the ep!

  • URGH

    This man is ready to kill some niggers.

    Now where is the fucking dragons show.

  • Yay, new ep. more oppai and Swords sexy body. xD Thanks guys, you made my day. This will be nice with the meal once I am finished at work. ;)

    Hmm, I am not sure about that. Been in Japan, there are guys with heavy weapons at the airport. Maybe it’s just the airport security, but I can assume even police have weapons on them. But yeah, maybe it’s more intense in America.

    Now that we talk about weapons, I think Norway is one of the few countries were it isn¨t allowed to carry any weapons on the airport station. Even the security guards doesn’t have it. The only thing they are allowed to have on them is a teaser + handcuffs. Personally, I think that’s a good thing. I like it like that. But then again it nothing ever happens in this country, so I understand why. On the other hand, the police are allowed to have weapons. But unlike most countries out there, the weapons must remain in a safe. So unlike polices in other countries they aren’t allowed to have them on them. This again have good and bad sides, which I don’t have energy and power to discuss.

    I think I have said more than enough. Actually I have wrote a novel, instead of a single comment. LOL, sorry about that. :P

  • Eien

    Still waiting for Blend S Episodes: 6,7 & 8

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