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DameCast #01: Madoka Rebellion

We WILL figure out how to record audio properly. If you have any suggestions for how to do this properly, let us know in the comments.

19 comments to DameCast #01: Madoka Rebellion

  • Kohiro

    You guys REALLY should re-watch the whole thing all over again before you talk about it.

    First: There are not infinite Madoka but only one that can travel through time to save the magical girls from becoming witches. She a god like entity only a magical girl sees before they die (more like a Reaper really…) but to all other she is just a concept cause no one else can see her and live to talk about it except for Homura that retain her memories and knows the truth.

    Second: The biggest change that was made from the first 2 movies and the 3rd was that instead of just relieving the magical girls from their griefs and let them rest in peace. She can turn them into her followers (like angels follower God) and on this mission 3 of them was tasked to retrieve Homura which was Bebe (Momoe Nagisa), Sayaka and herself Madoka.

    Kyuubee didn’t have a clue to why the soul gems would disappear when a Magical girl dies, The only thing he knows is what Homura told him which it was only a concept to him. To see if this concept were true he used Homura’s tainted soul gem, trap it in an isolation field to see how powerful a witch is but most importantly to lure this concept (Law of the Cycle. AKA Madoka) here to control it. As he was told by Homura that the Law of the Cycle would come for the tainted soul gem as a magical girl have fallen.

    Homura didn’t take Madoka’s powers, it was all her own.

    First: She has the power to travel through time, she even catch up to Madoka when she became god at the end of the 2nd movie. That was the reason why she kept her memory of Madoka. Knowledge of how to become a god and power over controlling time is the base of her power.

    Second: She became a witch but didn’t go mindlessly mad killing people like the other witches cause she didn’t change in to a witch in the normal way. She had time to turn her griefs and emotions in to love (in a twisted way) as she know that she was being saved by Madoka and the others but during this whole time she gain the power to create a labyrinth, not just a small one but a size of a city unknowingly! In the end she took the human part of Madoka, sealing away her power and cast a labyrinth as big a the universe. Kyuubee was also made to suck up all of the griefs himself (serves him right).

    None of the magical girls will remember they had powers and would live a normal life. The only thing that I can see if they want to make a 4th movie is that if either Madoka somehow regain her memories and gain back her powers or Homura loose her power of the labyrinth.

    BTW. That comet you talked about is Madoka’s new soul gem that soak up all the griefs but now with Kyuubee doing the soaking, you don’t have to worry about Madoka.

    • I think most of what you said is pretty close to what all of us (except jark) thought anyway. I’ll have to give it a more thorough reading after work.

    • I can confirm that I do need to rewatch the movies. I think I said so at some point, but regardless, I really do need to rewatch. I probably should have watched the third one a second time. I feel like you’ve put a lot more thought into this than I have, since your analysis is very thorough and makes a lot of sense. Thank you. I’ll look into it again myself, but this cleared up a lot of things.

    • The resurgence of madoka’s powers or some other event which tips the balance of the universe seems likely to me, honestly. That’s why I thought it was inconclusive.

      As for the rest, you are a madoka scholar. *bows* it just proves that we should have rewatched before the show. Finding time is the hard part >.>

      Were we enjoyable anyway, though? XD

  • mORGAN

    About recording audio:
    First what comes to my mind is using good quailty microphone, thou that is probably not the only think what went wrong in your record :).
    IDK what kind of software are u using (well i hope u are using it, insteed of recording stright from lets say TS/Skype cause thats improve audio quality much) but if u are using no such software i recomend AVS Audio Editor (http://www.avs4you.com/guides/How-to-record-audio-from-microphone.aspx). On that iste is added short tutorial about recording, I hope it will clear problem a bit.

    Most important think in my opinion:
    All of u should record directly from personal imput, thats how u will get one audio file per person, and then u should send those files to one person and he will mix them properly (or if that’s only possible u can use one microphoone in single room[only stop that screamy laught of girl im soory but that just destroy audio level’s so if u want to spare yourself addicional work readjusting them…])

    audio file preporties:
    sample rate:44100
    sample size: 24 bit
    ofc stereo

    all files u get that way should be identicall in terms of mechanics and even then u should readjust audio levels a bit (everyones voice tone is different, not all of them can sounds nice without outside intervention [no hard feelings.. that same way i wont use the same paint to paint wood and steal, or to create something artistic on material]).

    With words of great respect for entire DDY crew for all your hard work and effort u put to make my work breaks filled by anime

    (small ‘m” and capital ORGAN)

    Ps: Im sure text above is full of misspells etc, i greatly regreat it but cant really help it (since i’ve never lerned english).

    • Sereft

      Haha I was the laughing girl, my bad. I’ll keep it down next time ;)
      One of the issues we’re having is trying to get everyone a decent mic, you’re right. Jark has invested in an actual headset though, so we should sound slightly better next week! You can continue bugging cheshyre about his mic quality then (¬‿¬)
      I think we used Audacity to record this week’s DameCast, but I’m not too sure. I’m not sure on how well recording individually would work out either, since we tend to edit out things before releasing the DameCast and it’d just be a lot of effort. We’ll still look into AVS Audio Editor though!

      Thanks for the help :)

      • Just to clarify. This week was recorded directly from TeamSpeak. Last week was recorded from Skype. We are looking into Mumble since that allows you to record each person individually (testing that out tonight). Hopefully after a couple more horrendous sounding casts we’ll have this figured out.

        • Were you guys using the recording function that comes with Teamspeak? If so, have someone who is not loud record it (so they don’t have to worry about their own volume), and adjust the output of everyone else’s volume to about the same.
          Buy headsets.

          • We do need some source of video unfortunately, which is why we were trying to record TeamSpeak audio using OBS. We may have to record video and then replace the audio with dedicated recordings.

        • mORGAN

          Ye, i kind of knew that u probably used TS. Now listen, that program audio codecs are optimalized to very fast and possibly no-abusing-internet-connection transfer of audio data. That way professional gamers (and those who claim to be one) can have slighty lower PING playing Counter Strike / LOL and other similar ones. Saying that I do not need to explain that audio codecs used in TS are very very poor. Recording option build in program is strictly speeking to recording your game team members, analyze their strategy and fixing errors. For that u need understable but not pretty voice recording, and that is exacly what Speex (codec build in TS offer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speex ) That more or less apply to every single internet communicator. Depeend on what option of codec are u using on specific room. On TS audio quality can be pretty low (even 8 KHZ). That same goes to Mumble (uses Opus audio codec http://opus-codec.org/ ). It provides us with the same range of quality, yet You are not the one deciding what u will use. Specific room can use 8 KHZ converting, the other can use 48KHZ and that is BIIIG difference in terms of quality. And if u want to decide about quality of audio signal u will be using: online communicators are not the way to do it. You can mumbling/ ts-ing/skyp-ing but in the same time u have to record it directly from source, using configuration that you are chosing, and not the one server creator is chosing for you.

          • we know that the codecs are poor. but it really had nothing to do with that and everything to do with we didnt know what we were doing and our recording method was really horrible. we’ll have something decent this week. dont worry.

        • mORGAN

          Im not worried im just Audiophile :). Heers have a nice evening.

          • lol I understand. but before codecs come’s volume balancing and syncing the audio lol. the actual quality comes last xD

        • mORGAN

          BEGNA112 audio u are working with is already coded by Team Speak :). You are not working on so called RAW :). And on top of that it is coded pretty “lossy” way fo reduce its size. That coding u are mentioning (that one in your opinion comes last) is actualy recoding ^.^, Unless im pretty wrong what is ofcourse possible.

          • I’m pretty sure cheshyre just recorded it through his system not directly from TS. but yes I know… I’m a bit of an audiophile myself. the issue is first the METHOD of recording before we worry about the pure quality of the recording.

          • I think what begna112 is saying is that bit-rate is the least of our issues right now. Despite having a starved bit-rate, we have volume issues and mic recording issues, so those need to be addressed first before we consider recording at higher bitrates. Of course, all of this will (hopefully) be addressed eventually, but we first need to focus on a recording method that allows us to modify people’s audio (recording each person individually and syncing them together is probably the best idea here) and on having recording equipment that makes our voices not automatically sound like crap. Once we have that ironed out, we can focus on releasing high bitrate audio (in this case 256 kbps would be relatively speaking high). But we have to set priorities. Your advice has given us some good options to consider, so thank you.

  • mORGAN

    About audio recording, well im not sure if i wil be able to help, but there, thats what i know about the metter. I dont mind sharing it with u.


  • mORGAN

    Ye double comment, soory my internet connection sux atm in work and for some case it ddnt show my first comment for nearly half H… So i will go back to Fino-chan ^.^ (thx for that relase)

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