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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! Vol. 2 @ TM,TS,QC, TM (SP2) (all Period)
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Junketsu no Maria 05

Meet Lolotte. She’s too nice to be Galfa’s woman.

Unfortunately, we have no medieval beasts this week. So instead we’ve compiled a brief biography of the names dropped this episode.

We also apologize for the delay, our TL was sick which delayed TLC.

Like Maria, we’re still looking for that special someone. We’re in need of Translators and Translation checkers, Encoders, Typesetters and KFXers. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

Once again the producers have been kind enough to provide some historical notes on the show’s homepage (Google translated). They’ve even gone so far as to explain Galfa’s sword handling technique for those who were wondering.

Lord Le Comté Guillaume and Jean de Drouant: Individually, these don’t appear to be based on any real life person. However, there is a mention of a Jean Le Comté in a fairly common reference book. Jean Le Comté was “a member of the French garrison at Falaise in 1372, (he) made a practice of throwing husbands out of their houses for a night while he abused their wives.” Keep this in mind as the plot of this weeks episode progresses.

Justicier Richemont: Seemingly a very competent military commander and an important figure at the French court during the Hundred Years’ War.

24 comments to Junketsu no Maria 05

  • esn2013

    thanks DDY!

  • Thanks for the new episode!

  • Anyone know why all the DameDesuYo/minglong torrents are refusing connections? I can only get it via kickass extra trackers like demonii. It’s the only active functional tracker that gives me issues. 0-o

    I also love your work, thank you for your efforts without you guys I’d be forced to wait for BD’s because horrible subs is so bad >< *wanders off to grab the blackbullet BDs * =^0^=

    • Try another torrent client. Utorrent or deluge, rutorrent, qbittorrent etc will work. I assume you’re using vuze.

      • Thats the thing Vuze worked(sometimes) tho I dropped it after acouple weeks its just blahy, least the older version all my private trackers white list went back to UT 2.2.1 and boom nothing, just like before I switched to Vuze. Might be forced to try QBT next but its the darnest thing…

        • Hm. I’ll look some more in to it. I’m hearing a few others are having issues but not sure why.

          • Did some extra testing, I started up all 6 volumes of your Black Bullet 1080 BD I got off Shana project(generally they are untouched original authorized torrents, kickass, ect tend to add as many extra trackers as possible).

            I tested with QBT 3.1.11, status to minglong:8080 is not connected however its downloading it regardless, for the 2 or 3 that have anidex:6969 tracker in them they are connecting fine and downloading from both minglong and anidex. If this was a Kaspersky issue(firewall) I think it would block it period and not allow any downloading.

            In UT 2.2.1 it cannot connect, connection is refused and refuses to download, anidex:6969 works fine. Perhaps it has something to do with the connection message fouling up UT’s ability to find and grab the info?

            Also cannot load the minglong webpage then again I do not think they have one, I thought there would be some info at http://tracker.minglong.org:8080/ but it will not load, https://nipponsei.minglong.org/ works fine however there torrents are all minglong:8080 and give me the same issues above. I tried googling a few times before I asked but I could not find any info regarding oddities in connecting to minglong.

            I guess there is no easy way to upload to one place and have a couple trackers connect to it? I assume that you have to upload to each tracker which makes it fun when your main tracker is fickle ><

            • Looks like your port 8080 may be blocked. And yes it is somewhat difficult, especially when nyaa blocks trackers they don’t like from being in torrents uploaded to their site. Thats the reason we removed anidex. In the mean time we’re adding nyaa to our torrents while we work with minglong.

  • http://www.canyouseeme.org/ says port 8080 is not blocked but 80 sure is >>

    • Are you on a school network or something? That seems odd that 80 would be blocked considering all web traffic goes thru that port unless it’s ssl. If u want to get on IRC, we can talk some more and maybe figure out what’s going on.

      • itsp

        Silly Begna. Port 80 inbound should be blocked unless Zippy is running a web server from home, which is what canyouseeme.org was checking.

        • Oh right. I forgot that’s checking listening ports. But that does mean something is listening on 8080 on his machine right?

  • canyouseeme.org passes 8080 but fails 80, http://www.pcwintech.com/simple-port-tester, the application passes 8080 but fails 80. portquiz.net:80 works, I am glaring at kasversky trying to think what it has done now, took me forever to find the option to allow local networking again(even tho the router USB worked fine local networking was locked up for nearly a year till I ran across the option).I checked kasversky opened/allowed as much as I could fine for UT.exe, I port forwarded 80 and 8080, been trying to look up a good port scanner but not had much luck , there is an off chance its blocked at the ISP but I am unsure. I am home on a 10Mb/100$ a month crappy rural DSL BTW.

    Checked again and UT 2.2.1 pretty much can do nothing with minglong but Qbittorent is working despite not connecting which is very strange, maybe its via decentralized mode?

    A shame too since my bandwidth is limited I need alot of control over torrents, file prioritization I can live without but with no torrent order control and limiting download to 1 or 2 torrents Qbittorent is leaving me out in the cold.

    Dose not help much windose networking tends to haz a mind of its own when I am dealing with it at least, I miss the days when Network magic worked since they took the registration servers offline a couple years back you can’t even make it work with a crack I used it for folder sharing and mapping the network…

  • Crud just noticed another oddity, UT 2.2.1 is uploading to mindlong even if its refusing connections 0-o. That might pinpoint to a incoming connection on port 80 being blocked somewhere..

  • macxxx007


    Thanks so much for the episode!

  • Thank you very much for best show.
    Extra thanks to TLC-san for working on this while sick.

  • Ayako

    Any ETA for Ghoul?
    Sry for disturbing. :P

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