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Soushin Shoujo Matoi Vol. 6 @ Encode (majin3)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)
WWW.Working!! Vol. 4 @ extra scene TL



Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider – BD Box


The series was released as a box-set, so we’ll do the same. And here it is.
This releases uses ordered chapters and is available in 1080p only.

Ordered chapters! What the?
We know some of you hate them, but as the encoded OP and ED together come to almost a whole GB, we’ve decided to roll this way to save your hard drives and bandwidth.

But what about batches?
A very good question. To be honest, unless there’s an encoding fault, I’ll just release patches for anything new that’s been reported to our Public QC a few weeks from now.

Can you do a 720p
Nah. This looks so sexy at 1080p, it’d be a crime against eyeballs everywhere to downscale it. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your toaster, this is it.

Ever felt the need to express unrequited feelings while hanging out in Sensei’s office? Well, now you can. Begna-sensei is looking for students to fawn over him as a way to increase his ego. Head over to our recruitment page to get started.

If Shiki was my niece, I totally would.

While your torrent downloads, lets have a listen to a content appropriate song.

24 comments to Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider – BD Box

  • sekaiali

    I’m okay with this. Thanks for the release, guys!

  • Slightly perturbed

    Ordered chapters……….. If only this was an April Fool’s joke.

    Thanks for the effort but I’ll have to give it a miss.

    • Period

      Would’ve added an additional 840MB to each episode (9GB to the torrent) if it wasn’t ordered chapters.

  • ThatGuy

    Storage is not a real issue these days guys. Ordered chapters are still crap.

    • I refuse to bloat a release by 9GB or more just to include the OPED in each file. I also refuse to degrade the quality of the video to make each episode smaller.

      With the high detail and drastic amount of motion in the OPED, ordered chapters are a nice solution to the problem.

      • ThatGuy

        If that’s your fear then you could always go with HEVC. Should get a good file size for the quality. If you encourage 1080p I don’t see why you can’t also encourage h.265.

        • Because x265 is bad to crap (depending from content encoded) :D
          Also I’m not sure exactly what’s your problem with OCs, since if you don’t go moving the files around the fact that they’re used is completely transparent.
          Also storage might not be an issue for you, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

          • dmonhiro

            THANK YOU! Was just about to say the same thing. I don’t get what some peoples problem with OC is.

          • charon

            Ordered chapters aren’t compatible with Kodi and probably never will be. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do what you think is best for your releases, but there are drawbacks to ordered chapters.

          • The thing is we officially support CCCP, and most things work (even better) on mpv. I understand not everyone use their PC to watch stuff, but it’s not our problem.
            Also you can always connect your computer to your TV with a HDMI cable or something and enjoy your anime on your big screen that way :P

          • dmonhiro

            There are NO drawbacks for ordered chapters if you use a PC, which is what these file were made for in the first place. DDY supports PC releases and that’s what their releases are tailor for. If it works on other things, great, it’s a bonus. But it’s not they’re problem if it doesn’t. And thank you DDY for not bloating a release with 9 extra GB.

        • Cause h.265 is shit an subete is 1080p native.

          • Ted

            Actually, h.265 is bad only in HD. It works fine with 1080p.

      • Asinine

        Well I don’t mind Ordered chapters as long as it’s not flac, trying to re-encode the audio track to aac to save space is very slow work wish ffmpeg could handle the segment links somehow. Then again the space savings from Ordered Chapters are going to be bigger than re-encoding flac to AAC unless it’s 24bit.

  • Dunan

    I don’t know if it’s just me but the OP music is distorting badly compared to the original 720 release.

    • The 1080 uses FLAC, the 720 uses AAC. In addition the OP is encoded at a significantly higher quality than the 720 was (it is close to 500MB for 90 seconds of video).
      If I had to guess, i’d say whatever you’re using for playback is struggling to cope or something fishy is going on with your codecs.

      • Saeval

        AAC at this levels should be virtually transparent (for the vast majority of people anyway), if you can hear some distortions I’d say there’s something weird with your setup too

        • Dunan

          Thanks, I went and checked my settings and the problem was volume normalization inside MPC that caused the clipping.

          Just having people to bounce off of helped me find the problem.

          Thanks again.

  • Wow, thank you for this massive release!

  • Immerse

    Hey…so I don’t know how these websites work, and if anyone will ever see this message… in which case I’ll probably try asking somewhere else, BUT………

    Can I have the encoder settings you used for the main episodes? I am putting the files back together without Ordered Chapters so PLEX can read the files correctly, but it seems the OP was encoded differently than the main episodes so it’s not working correctly (OP will play, but then there’s a green/gray screen for the main episode).

    If I could get the settings you used to encode the main episodes, I could probably re-encode the OP with those settings and then I could put the OP back into each main episode.

    I am unsure if this is taboo to ask this or what, but I thought I’d throw it out there =)

    Thanks either way for your time.

    • Immerse

      Also… maybe itd be helpful to know what program you were using to encode so all the options match up correctly….. Maybe.

    • Here’s the thing. If you, or anyone, were to encode the OP and ED with the same “settings” as the rest of the episode, they would look like absolute shit. Don’t do it.

      We didn’t decide to do ordered chapters for the heck of it, we agonized over the decision. Ordered chapters was the best way to preserve the detail in the OP and ED without bloating each individual episode to ridiculous sizes.

      If your media player lacks the ability to use ordered chapters, don’t mutilate the encodings by trying to splice them together. Just live without having the OP and ED on every episode (you can always watch them separately anyway).

  • I can’t believe I had this series on hiatus. And I have to rewatch all the ep. in order to remember what happened. LOL.

    Too bad for me. Anygays, thanks for all the ep. in one pack. ;)

  • I will ofc seed three times as the size of the file as a toke of appreciation. There will may come a day I will consider to donate. So don’t loose any hopes. :P

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