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Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 OVA

This OVA was the product of lots of trying to not fuck up and lots of people telling us how to not fuck up. Let’s see if it worked.

Special thanks to:

  • Leona for supporting us the entire way through as well as for the OP and ED.
  • odoxzz-zen for styling

Fun Fact: Whoever ripped the shareraws on Nyaa is horrible at ripping and encoding. At least with the BD, I got this enjoyable insert with the last book.


18 comments to Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 OVA

  • tl;dr: a lotta blood sweat an’ tears went into this ova

  • ilikeit

    Pour some blood and tears into the BD version of this TV series please.

  • Grios

    I’m just glad it’s finally been subbed. Thanks again guys.

  • Takunuva89

    I heard you guys might be subbing the Ebiten OVA.

  • noname

    @3.59: Sono choco wa honmei nano. “honmei” means it is “serious” chocolate, as opposed to “giri”, which means just as a way to thank someone. It doesn’t necessarily means that it is handmade.

    • begna112

      We are aware that it means something like “serious” or “from the heart” as in it conveys feelings and is not simply compulsory/obligatory chocolate. However, we also couldnt find an easy/short way to actually say that full meaning in english. How i see it though, if someone took the time to make you handmade chocolate, thats pretty serious. Thats why we decided to go with that translation there.

      • erejnion

        And… then, later in the episode, you use another translation for the same thing.

        AND the plot revolves around handmade chocolate.

        This way the translation is not just “localized”, it’s plain wrong, it creates the wrong impression, it antagonizes the watcher, and it leaves people wondering what the fuck is going on if they don’t know anything in japanese. In other words, Hadena tier.

        If you are so talentless to not be able to think up a good, or at least acceptable localization, I’d prefer my wapanese subs, thank you very much.

        • begna112

          You know, no one else seemed to be “antagonized” by it but you. Two other people mentioned it in case we didn’t know but otherwise enjoyed the release.

          And if a single editing/localization choice(error if you insist) could reduce a release to Hadena-tier then, my god, the fansubbing scene must be truly horrendous for you.

          I wonder if you even would have known the difference if others hadn’t pointed it out. So, how about you go learn Japanese so that you can watch the raws and we don’t have to devote our time and money to providing subs to the likes of you. <3

      • Black Shads

        You can blame me for being sick when I shoulda been localizing. XD

      • erejnion

        It’s antagonizing, because you hear “honmei” and read “handmade”. This makes people think the subbers have made a mistake, as you yourself observed. I am sorry for calling this “antagonizing”. It’s even funnier, however, that these translations are inconsistent throughout the episode. Never do this. I’d have been much happier if the translations were consistent(ly bad).

        For the record, simply using “heartfelt chocolate” and “courtesy chocolate” was more than enough, and fitted all situations, to the extend of my memory of the episode.

        And if that was the only mistake, I wouldn’t be calling this Hadena-tier. You’d probably want an example? Ok.

        Dialogue: 20,0:06:09.71,0:06:12.27,Default,,0,0,0,,Although they wouldn’t go as far as to call you “Onee-sama.”
        This sentence means that they would indeed call her “Onee-sama” if they had the guts to do so, while Key-kun says that the situation itself is not THAT extreme.

        Dialogue: 20,0:09:22.70,0:09:27.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Yup! She called you “courteous adult” before.
        >otona no manner
        >courteous adult
        for the record, even if we completely ignore the japanese, “courteous adult” has no derogatory connotation in English at all, so it couldn’t be a nickname Asuka has thought up for Key.

        Dialogue: 20,0:14:36.98,0:14:42.48,Default,,0,0,0,,{i1}I’m so happy to hear that. What’s going on? My chest feels so warm.{i0}
        She is repeating his words, not noting that she herself is happy. We are left to “deduce” that she is happy from her expression.

        Leaving these to three quick examples, there were numerous smaller context errors, misspelled words, english sentences with wrong grammar or wrong wording, which don’t mean exactly what you want them to mean, but all this is easily autocorrected by somebody with at least a little common sense and knowledge in English. It’d have been better if you had used the already established translations for some things, like Key-kun’s name. It was previously mentioned that this nickname is an obvious shoutout to Key the VN publisher company. Also lots of nuance is omitted, but I wouldn’t get on your asses for that. On the other hand there’s the issue with the subtitles hugging the bottom. You should learn not to do this.

        That being said, the last third of the episode was reasonably good. At least the translation was consistent, as far as I remember.

        Should I note the smaller errors too? They are easily in the double digits, and if we include the misspellings and poor grammar/unnatural sounding phrases too, we may go above 100.

  • erejnion

    P.S. there’s this .ass tag, you know, that is used for hard line breaks, you know. It’s /N, you know. Hope it’d find some use in your future scripts, saving you the trouble to do shit like
    Dialogue: 20,0:00:12.54,0:00:16.32,Default,,0,0,0,,my junior in the student council, after all.
    Dialogue: 20,0:00:12.54,0:00:16.32,Default,,0,0,0,,I’m just going to give a chocolate to

    I must admit, I completely lost it when I randomly noticed this part of the .ass xD

    • begna112

      hey did you know there is a bug with vsfilter that makes it so that if you set the wrap style to anything besides 0, it fucks up N? Oh, you didn’t? Hm, wonder if you should shut the fuck up.

      • begna112

        Onee-sama: i’m really not seeing the difference here.

        Courteous adult: bilingual speaker seemed to think that was a good translation. While I can’t say I understand the joke, he didn’t seem to think there was a decent way to localize it.

        Key-kun’s name: none of us had seen the anime. We subbed it because people wanted it.

        This all boils down to we did a reasonably decent job yet you have some bone to pick. We’re a new group. We’re learning. We got 95% of it across correctly.

        So, again, either deal with it, be thankful for the subs and possibly give constructive and kind feedback (which we always appreciate) or you can can go fuck yourself raw with raws until you learn the japanese yourself.

      • erejnion

        Oh, that makes sense, actually. Had forgotten… wasn’t it fixed in xy? Sorry ’bout it, just the laughter had pent up for quite some time while getting the examples out.

      • erejnion

        Onee-sama > watch more yuri.
        Key-kun > watch the anime you are subbing first, then sub it. It’d be better if you read the novels too, but that’d be too much of an *effort* for me either.
        Courteous adult > the japanese has obvious sexual connotation. Like, how you handwave flirting and sex to kids with the words “that’s adult stuff, you will learn in due time”. And, well, if you had watched the whole anime, you wouldn’t be able to do this mistake.

        Thankful for the subs I am; I even mentioned how the last third was actually good. Still, criticism on the internet is usually presented in this form. Nobody is going to be kind, just get used to it. As for the raws, it hurts my head trying to understand everything, and my reading is really poor, so I try to keep my watching raw episodes only to kodomo and similar, like K-ON.

  • erejnion_pls

    Looks like we have a critic who thinks they’re good. You guys need to recruit this faggot; he talks too much. He probably didn’t know how to express himself correctly that he wanted to join your group.

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