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Tokyo Ghoul 02

I will drown Funimation and their shitty ass scripts in a sea of fire. Our team lost many braincells during the subbing of this episode. They will be sorely missed.

In other news, we’ve managed to remove the hideous inverse censorship (slight spoiler) that Japan used in a poor attempt to shield our eyes from the atrocity that is animated blood. Oh, the horror! Thanks for saving us, Tokyo MX! (Note: some censorship is impossible to reverse. Specifically when they’ve blackened out the screen. Do not be surprised when you see there is still censorship.)

On a side note, KFX for this episode is only temporary until our main typesetter comes back. The current ED is literally a PowerPoint presentation, so there’s a good chance that the studio will change it anyway.

P.S: Majimoji is currently being worked on.


15:25 Sereft: dude these lines
15:25 Sereft: are an offense
15:25 Sereft: to the English language

Look forward to Sereft’s suffering next week~

22 comments to Tokyo Ghoul 02

  • Looks like I’ll be going with you guys for this. Thanks for cleaning up the censoring and stuff!

  • Johnson

    What’s the deal with that one line around 16:30 where he clearly says the same word like 15 times (which I think is how funi had it actually translated)?

    • Sereft

      Funi had it literally translated, which was “I’m dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, dying x10”. Yeaaah, definitely not their most creative line.

      • dude

        It may not be the most creative line, but it was fun to read. Where that one line was boring and as Niski replying dying, that one line made me ignored him.

  • AjayLikesGaming

    Thanks so much. FUNi’s work is so embarrassingly bad that I really appreciate you taking the time to fix all of their nonsense. Great episode!

    Just a little request – in future, if you post screenshot comparisons, would you mind shoving a spoiler warning on there. I didn’t expect your comparison to be from the major turning point of the episode. That was a bit of a shame to have spoiled.

    Anyway, thanks again guys! Much appreciated.

    • Sorry about that. I guess we didnt think you could really tell based on the back of his head >.<

  • pihip

    Thank you for decensoring what you can. It’s still a bit embarrassing that they would go to such lengths to cens0r a show that relies on gore and brutality, but at least we can get SOME of the fun. Of course, the sooner the BD’s arrive, the better. Till then~ :D

  • sahlt

    Thanks a lot for the episode!
    though is it normal that the DDL link loads the site again ? (for now?)

    • Our DDL provider is having issues so he has turned off the DDL. Meaning we dont have a link at the moment. When we get one we’ll update it

      • sahlt

        oh I see, I’ll just wait then
        thank you!

        • I am honestly not sure how long it will be… You might try the xdcc bot on irc instead

  • You translate very good.

  • Aron

    Very good subs, guys. Just one small thing: Whenever Touka says “manager” while addressing the old guy, I think it should always be capitalized (ie. “Manager”), like how you would say “Chief” or “Master”. That aside, a huge TY to you guys for working so hard on this series. Looking forward to the uncensored BDs (MOAR gore!!) :)

    • Sereft

      Oh, damn. I let that slip by. Thanks for pointing it out :>

  • Aron

    Sure, man! One other thing. At 14:58. What’s “kagune”? Is it something that will be explained later?

    • Sereft

      It’s a term coined by the manga, so I assume it will be.

  • Porkatsudon

    Touka > Kana Hanazawa

  • mizuki_

    Yay thank you <3

  • Bicky

    Why its not subbed? I dont understand japaneese.

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