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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! Vol. 2 @ TM,TS,QC, TM (SP2) (all Period)
Gakkou Gurashi Vol. 1-6 @ All (begna112)
Keijo!!!!!!!! Vol. 1 @ edit (skiddiks)
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Kono Bijutsubu Vol. 1-6 @ All (Period)
Koukaku no Pandora Specials @ TL
Love Lab Vol. 7 @ TS (begna112)
Masamune-kun no Revenge Vol. 1-4 @ retiming (begna112), Vol 5-6 @ edit (Period), TLC (shinchan)
NGNL Vol. 6 @ QC (Stein)
ReZero Re:Petit All @ edit (Nazaki)
Soushin Shoujo Matoi OVA @ TL (Areki)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)



Junketsu no Maria 06

Will Poppo-chan break little Anne’s heart?
Some other stuff happened this episode, like dragons appearing and such, but who cares about that? Anne is about to cry and it’s all Poppo-chan’s fault.

The medieval beasts are back. Click read more to read more.

Like Maria, we’re still looking for that special someone. We’re in need of Translators and Translation checkers, Typesetters and KFXers. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

Once again the producers have been kind enough to provide some historical notes on the show’s homepage (Google translated).

Melusine and Count Poitou: Usually taking the form of a woman with a serpent or fish tail for legs, Melusine is the spirit of fresh water. In the tellings of Melusine involving Count Poitou, she is able to take human form for all but one day per week. She keeps this a secret from her husband, Count Poitou. However, during an argument he calls her a serpent, and believing that her true form was discovered, she leaves him forever.

The witch of the hearth: A hearth is a brick or stone fireplace used for both cooking and heating in medieval times. A witch of the hearth is a witch that uses cooking as an integral part of her witchcraft and is generally associated with white magic and benevolent assistance rather than malevolence. In Maria’s case, it would seem she uses her hearth to brew medicines, primarily for Anne’s grandmother, and she also uses a portable cooking pot for summoning medieval beasts on the battlefield.

Ordination: To be perfectly honest, I know absolutely nothing about religion other than the fact that it exists for no explicable reason whatsoever. So with that in mind, just read the link.

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    Tokyo Ghoul ETA plz?

    • itsp

      Please see the Project Status section to the right.

  • Thanks for the new episode!

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    Have a great night!

  • name

    “To be perfectly honest, I know absolutely nothing about religion other than the fact that it exists for no explicable reason whatsoever.”

    *tips le fedora*

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