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Punch Line 03

Because you all deserve to know, all of the character’s names are jokes as are a lot of the terms in the show. We’ll post them as we encounter them.

Chichibu, Rabura: chi chi bura bura = swaying tits
Daihatsu, Meika: daihatsumeika = great inventor
Hikiotani, Ito: hiki(komori) ota(ku) nito = Shut-in otaku NEET
Narugino, Mikatan: seigi no mikata (this is a kanji joke) = ally of justice
Strange Juice: (st) orange juice
Chiranosuke: chira no suke = peeking helper
Iridatsu, Yuuta: yuutai ridatsu = out of body experience
Muhi: kanji joke removing the bottom of the kanji for kuma, meaning bear (熊), resulting in Muhi (ムヒ)

This week’s terms:
Tou-maker: toumei ika = transparent squid
Reizoukou: Basically, this is a pun on refrigerator (reizouko 冷蔵庫) but this “reizoukou” is written with different kanji (霊像交) which includes the kanji for ghost. We’ll need to wait for next week’s episode to find out what this really is.

Got a theory or off-the-wall speculation about the mysteries in this show? Come join the discussion by clicking the image below.
punchline theories

Do you have a need to avoid seeing panties? Well, don’t apply for a job here. Every day is filled with glorious panty shots when you take up fansubbing! Though if you were interested, we’re in special need of Typesetters and KFXers. Translators and translation checkers, skilled editors, and quality checkers are also welcome to apply. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

5 comments to Punch Line 03

  • dannphou

    Holy crap, up to 1:29 minutes, it lags pretty badly… But other than that everything plays fine…


  • harlov

    I lol’d hard at chichi burabura XD
    Thanks for the insight ^_^

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