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Denpa Kyoushi Dropped

Getting straight to the point of this post: Denpa Kyoushi has been dropped.

The biggest reason? Nearly everyone working on it hates it.


Before you make a grab for your nearest pitchfork, our dislike of the show wasn’t nearly enough to warrant dropping it at first. You probably would have never seen an episode past 3 or 4 from us if that were the case (we were already making “jokes” about dropping it that early). And I guess it wasn’t all bad. We loved “admiring” the show’s QUALITY animation.

We dropped it mostly to lighten the workload on a few members. Now it’s just vampires and panties and boob ribbons every week for us, and no more of this goddamn guy.

So I’m sorry to the people who actually enjoyed this show, and I’m even more sorry that Funi probably put one of their worst TLs on the show for the simulcast, but we do not have the drive nor the time to dedicate to this show when we have projects we would much rather work on instead. You could say it’s completely our fault for picking up one too many shows, and you would probably be right.

If you don’t want to taint yourself with that terrible simulcast but still want to finish the show, cross your fingers that Oyatsu catches up and finishes both cours (yes, it’s probably a 2-cour show *shivers*).

There is a small chance we might release episode 7 eventually, but don’t get your hopes up. It’s all the way to TS/QC, but there’s so many signs in that episode. Unless someone feels motivated to typeset it I doubt it will ever be released. It still needs QC as well, and that hasn’t happened yet either.

While I’m here, I’ll also mention that Naika absolutely isn’t dropped. Hopefully it’ll see some love pretty soon. :)

cheers. hybrid stinx

29 comments to Denpa Kyoushi Dropped

  • Zerq

    We still love you ;w;

  • > You could say it’s completely our fault for picking up one too many shows, and you would probably be right.

    *cough cough*
    ( ¬‿¬)

    • Period

      if you want to save fansubbing and by default anime sign up as a typesetter today!

  • meh, the manga is better anyway

  • I downloaded every episode you guys put out but realized just now I’ve only watched 1 and 1/2 episodes. If it’ll get DanMachi out the door faster power to you

  • itsP

    Delegating the job of giving bad news to the newbie. I like how we operate.

  • >Nearly everyone working on it hates it.
    True story.

  • OuterRem

    Won’t even lie, something about this show just makes it hard to watch. This coming from someone who read the hell out of the manga…

    Sorry to hear that its dropped but I hope it makes life as well as the workload, easier.

  • asdasd

    I am so sad this show came out to be a complete crapfest considering how amazing the manga is. I have no hard feelings with you dropping it, in fact I am impressed you trudged through it for this long.

  • Good riddance, I say. I was planning to watch funi’s anyway. This show isn’t even worthy of your subs :v

  • Guess it’s back to HorribleSubs for this one :\

  • Bentenmaru

    this anime adaption of Denpa Kyoushi really really really sucked, got excited when they were gonna make a anime of the manga, but they skipped most of the content or plainly changed it. so im gonna stick to the manga and the VA made me almost fell asleep when they were talking and the animation was horrible aswell (atleast my opinion accordingly)

  • Well; what about Arslan Senki? ( = I really love your subs and I really love to see your awesome work on Arslan [ =

  • Bad news for me because I was waiting for your release. I enjoy the show and it’s look like I’m gonna find alternate solution to catch it up..

  • Patsuan

    Or, you could say it was a complete disappointment and not worth the damn time you’d have to spend on subbing it.

  • Katsu

    To be honest i didn’t even notice that you guys were 4 episodes behind… lol (which means me too..)

  • BeerWench

    I actually liked Pink Hoodie Otaku-sensei the anime. Never read the LNs so no clue how much they fucked the adaptation.

    You guys did good subbing it this far. If you were not enjoying working on it then no reason at all to worry about anyone getting butt hurt. Said people should get of said hurt butt and offer to help make subs happen.

    • BeerWench

      I feel I should say this. I’ve only seen 2 eps. Thus far show is 3 out of 5 IMO

      • Period

        Heh. Hehe. It went downhill to say the least.

  • macxxx007

    Meh, I don’t blame you… This had to be the biggest dud of the season… Don’t take it too hard.

  • sinner08910

    I can’t believe 2 cour shows could fuck up this much… Never watched even 1 episode of it, but the plot is pretty interesting and I heard many praises from its source material. The anime has a balanced opinion, some an 8 some a 6 or 5. I guess I was right to pause this and wait for more news.

    Owari also was paused on my list at ep. 8. I can’t take the boredom of how much the plot keeps on dragging… sometimes feels no direction too. I have read a few chapters too, and I stopped way back before the anime aired at chapter 18 and waited for its adaptation. but I guess even WIT studio’s great animation skills isn’t enough to improve the anime. I think they feel my boredom while animating it too as I observed some animation mistakes and low quality parts.

  • dvdmasters

    nooooo…. Please continue this anime… you are the best typer …..

  • takanuva5

    In the end no group ever completed subbing the series(besides CR). I don’t blame you guys as I know what its like to watch from beginning to end a anime I don’t like.

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