TV Batches



Ao no Exorcist: Kyouto Fujouou-hen Vol. 1-6 @ Batch (Period)
Blend S Vol 2-5 @ retiming (Owningmatt93)
Dimension W Vol. 2-6 @ QC (begna112), OVA @ Edit (begna112)
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! Vol. 2 @ TM,TS,QC, TM (SP2) (all Period)
Gakkou Gurashi Vol. 1-6 @ All (begna112)
Keijo!!!!!!!! Vol. 1 @ edit (skiddiks)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond Vol 1-6 @ TL/Edit (Sei), Vol. 6 @ encode (begna112)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond OAV OAV @ TL (Sei)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Vol. 1-6 @ QC (Nazaki)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Vol. 1-6 @ QC (Nazaki)
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Vol. 1 @ encode (Saeval)
Kono Bijutsubu Vol. 1-6 @ All (Period)
Koukaku no Pandora Specials @ TL
Love Lab Vol. 7 @ TS (begna112)
Masamune-kun no Revenge Vol. 1-4 @ retiming (begna112), Vol 5-6 @ edit (Period), TLC (shinchan)
NGNL Vol. 6 @ QC (Stein)
ReZero Re:Petit All @ edit (Nazaki)
Soushin Shoujo Matoi OVA @ TL (Areki)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)



Spring 2019 Plans

All right, so there’s actually a lot to talk about here. First up is our Spring 2019 plans and then the general administrative announcements.
To see more, follow the link below.

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DanMachi Light Novel Audio Books

We know we’ve fallen behind on some of our commitments, but over the past days we’ve been working hard to bring you exactly what you’ve been wanting!

Thats right! DDY is releasing a new series of audio books!

Enjoy it at your computer, at work, on the train or at the gym. DDY audio books are the perfect way to experience quality weeaboo content on-the-go!

The Backlog Bundle

For the past two years, DDY has striven for innovation by bringing you hourly releases in the hopes of accelerating the fansub and anime watching experience. But unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough.

Netflix, one of our smaller competitors, has made lots of news with the obvious fact that the vast majority of viewers prefer to binge watch their favorite shows. But watching anime takes time. Lots of it. Just look at your MAL and look at the accumulated hours, days, weeks, or months even that you’ve spent slaving over your waifus! Being an anime fan is hard.

While other companies and streaming sites try to lock you into their service with endless hours of content so that you’ll never stop paying the monopoly man, we at DDY felt that more could be done to help you break through the backlog much, much more quickly so you can go outside and enjoy the sun every once in a while.

And that’s why, today, we are presenting for the first time ever… the Backlog Bundle. Over the next week, we will be releasing Bundles like this one with episodes from DDY and BDY so that you can get your fix in the most pleasurable way conceivable.

Speaking of pleasurable experiences, the R&D process for this endeavor revealed to us a brilliant method of producing native 4K anime without upscaling at all. We think you’re really going to love it. Fortunately, MadVR struggles to render the beauty that is the Backlog Bundle. So DDY recommends you do yourself a favor and upgrade to VLC.

Backlog Bundle is a copyright of DameDesuYo and affiliated brands. Backlog Bundle technologies are patent pending.

Do you have a unique skillset and higher intellect capable of devising the most innovative of new anime technologies? Then DDY is the place for you! Head over to our recruitment page to get started.

We’re not dead. Just taking a season off.

I didn’t realize this post would be something I needed to prioritize, but our comment section makes it clear I should have. So here we go.

Life for some of us at DDY has been hectic and rapidly changing the past few months. People have been moving, traveling for work and vacation, getting new jobs, studying for final exams, and all kinds of other things.

With that in mind along with a pretty lackluster choice of shows in the summer season and the death of nyaa, I made the executive decision we would hold off on new projects until people have settled a bit and we have projects we’d actually like to work on.

Hopefully we’ll catch up on shows that are stalled too. I’m certainly pushing for that.

In the meantime, try to calm down; we’re not dead, just taking some time off from our hobby to handle real life.

I’ll try to answer questions in the comments as I find time. Otherwise, you can hop on our Discord server where I am much, much more available any time.

PS. Anime Expo was great.

The bad news.

Hello, everyone. It is with a heavy heart that I write this message. After 4 long years of subbing, DDY is shutting down.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Amazon, Funimation, and Crunchyroll really are saving anime. Their translations are top-notch. Their typesetting is unmatched. Their encodes are so beautiful, it hurts. They always offer the most uncensored content. I have to admit, I’ve always loved their dialogue styles. And it’s easy to see that they pour their love of anime into their product.

Besides, our subs were pretty dame. Our localization choices really were uncalled for. We’ve done a little bit too much scriptwriting. And we went a tad overboard on the memes.

It couldn’t be helped. I, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords, but that makes this situation bittersweet at best. It would leave a bitter taste in our mouths to leave our backlog as it stands now. So to clear it out, we’re going to have a release for you all every hour until there’s nothing left.

It’s been good subbing for you all.


P.S. A shoutout to our biggest fans on MAL! We love you!

Shitty editing choices and meme-subs. Commie 2.0
I like them called Corpse’s, but No-name killed it.
used to be good
I do not like the way the translate Kabaneri to Demi what ever.
Dame use to do honorifics & other stuff but as seasons come & go they became more liberal. They have improved however their editing has gotten worse which is a big deal to me. They are not distinguishable from trash groups like Commie/Vivid/FFF & soon GJM
Go with Doki instead
Only clueless ESL twits wouldn’t realise how bad ‘demicorpse’ sounds. Keep your editing professional or get lost.
Lol liberal translations and translating people’s names… (Mumei -> Noname). While technically fairly accurate, seriously? Self indulgent much…
No name ? ayylmao
Tried too hard to do a “”””professional”””” translation by putting shitty localisation like Demicorpse and No-Name
Why didn’t you TL the names in your other shows? They got meanings too? Stupid logic! Disturbing localization. DDY is getting worse each season & I use to like them. Editor seems to be Period who ruined Pandora, avoiding anything by this egotist
Localized names. Translated Mumei as no-name.
Commie level of shit. Awfully bad americanized shit. Liberal as fuck. Terrible translation for stupid hamburgers. Watch with HS because translation for this show is very good (not funi or cr)
total shit, avoid at all cost
Awful, self-indulgent editing.
Unnecessary localization. I get why they do it with things like translating Mumei’s name, but it just doesn’t sit well with me for some reason.
Too much westernisation that ends up detracting from the story.
>wishing you were UTW and make up terms >demicorpse >Wishing you were Commie and overtranslating >Mumei=Mrs .No Name (and yes its actually a name, a name given to her by another character, not a nickname or an insult)
This group is basically commie 2.0 = worst shit. Americanized shit full of mistranslations and extremely liberal edited. Rewritten dialogues, with nonsense. AVOID!!!
This group hates honorifics now.They’re complete trash and should be shut down.
DDY never had a good original TL, their releases are not to be trusted, changes from their v1 to v2 confirm this as a lot (1/5th) of the script was changed, Commie also already has all the 5 episodes out, go with that.
That moment when the dialogue covered half of the screen
“Has something happen to your father?” Sugoi QCing, onii-chan.
Shit script. Don’t even know that it’s ‘Must have and not Must of’ and the usage of “It’s and its is all wrong”.
Groups like this have destroyed fan-subbing. They do not translate anything, they simply take the official broadcast script and edit it to make the characters sound like Americans. And what’s worse is that there are idiots who actually like such garbage.

Spring 2017 Plans

“Wow, Period is actually using the shows DDY is doing as the post header instead of Boruto.”

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Winter 2017 Plans

Happy new year! Fuck 2016, y’know? Too bad 2017 will be just as bad (if not worse) and you all know it. At least Führer Trump will make anime great again.

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Fall 2016 Plans

Just in case you forgot about us, we’re actually doing shows this season. A few surprise shows, and a few surprise BDs as well.

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Request for help: donations

In the just over three years that DDY has been in the scene, I have never made a push for donations. When I have mentioned them, it was only for Blurays that weren’t appearing online at the normal places. I simply never needed them; I had plenty of disposable income from work and could afford to fund all of our work on my own.

Things have changed. At the beginning of August, I found out that my employer wasn’t willing to be flexible with my class schedule anymore, despite this being my last semester of school and my 2 years with the company while taking classes. On top of that, I became ineligible for financial aid this year. If only one of these things had happened, I might have been able to cope, but as it is, all of my savings will be tied up in tuition/fees and cost of living while I try to find a way to pay for what’s left.

Because of that, I am faced with the unfortunate need to ask something I never thought I would: your help paying for our servers.

I’ve already made some significant changes to our infrastructure to reduce costs and possibly increase performance at the same time. Below you can see the breakdown of our expected costs. For right now, it looks like I’ll need help for 4-5 months. I should be able to find a job soon after graduating in December. If that is not the case, I will update you all here.

Encode Server 54.12
Storage/FTP 54.5
Site 3.49
Seedbox 13
Total 125.11

If you like the work that DDY does and are willing and capable of helping, please consider donating. A few donation options:

  1. Paypal: Email us directly at [email protected] or message me on IRC to arrange a paypal donation.
  2. Flattr: Contribute on Flatter here.
  3. Patreon: Contribute on Patreon here.
  4. Other: Comment with a valid email below and we’ll get in contact.

If we receive any donations, we will make the amounts and what for/when we are using it public here.

Thank you,

Banner Contest Results

So, we would like to thank everyone for participating. In the end, we’ve selected 21 different banners of about 60 total to add to the site. We honestly didn’t expect this many submissions. If your banner didn’t make it, there’s a chance we might do this again in the future if there’s enough interest. Of course, you could just make banners anyway and PM them to us whenever, but where’s the fun in that?

Voting was close, with each banner 1st place to 5th place within 1 vote of one another. Very nearly had a tie.
So, onto the results. (Click Continue Reading)

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DameDesuYo Banner Contest

August 15th Edit:
The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! We should have the results to share within the next 48 hours, so stay tuned. Emails will be sent out to the top 5 banner submitters in regards to the prize, your own Did You Know on the sidebar, and of course we will compile a list of every banner we decide to use. Even if your banner doesn’t make the cut, we thank you for trying.

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Summer 2016

Hello, eager anime fans. You’ve come here looking for new adventures, new stories and probably 2D girls to fall in love with. (Don’t listen to what anyone says, it’s perfectly normal.) You want to be reassured that DDY will translate your waifu’s secret messages spoken in a secret language to you.

Unfortunately, this season you will need to look elsewhere.

DDY will be taking a break this season from airing anime to do a couple things. First, unstall and hopefully complete all our stalled TV and Bluray shows. And second, do some home-improvement.

What do I mean by that? I mean a whole bunch of things from training our staff on new positions and automating some of our workflow to redesigning our back-end server infrastructure from the ground up.

Why now? Because we honestly weren’t interested in much this season and the shows we had looked at a bit are already being done in other groups. It was just the right time to do it.

We’ve got a lot planned. And even though you might not notice the changes on the surface, we hope that they’ll lead to faster and higher quality releases as well as make our lives easier.

Edit: We ARE still continuing Re:Zero.

You’re a bunch of fools if you think I’m not about to lie to you.

For many seasons now, anime has been in a dark age. Too many were the shows that went without good subtitles. Too far between were the fansub releases… then along came Eien.

That beautiful, glorious bastard. He promised to make fansubbing great again; to bring about a world where a volume of blurays is released every single weekday.

But I am sick and tired of 90% of all new subtitles going to the top 1% of anime fans, leaving next to nothing for the bottom 99%. Eiencare is a great step forward, but it does not go nearly far enough towards true, universal subtitles.

So that’s why I want to take Eien’s “trickle-down fansubs” at least 9 steps further. From this moment on, DDY will be releasing an episode or volume of blurays every hour.

DDY: A Fansub to Believe In.

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Spring 2016 Plans

All aboard! Next stop: the Spring 2016 season!

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Winter 2016 Plans

Oh, winter. A time for family, gifts you didn’t want, and shitty anime seasons. We found a few diamonds in the rough though.

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Summer 2015 Plans

All right everyone, it’s that time of the year again. We’ve had the poll and a teaser posted a little while so you may already have figured out what our plans are but here we go.

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