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Ao no Exorcist: Kyouto Fujouou-hen Vol. 1-6 @ Batch (Period)
Blend S Vol 2-5 @ retiming (Owningmatt93)
Dimension W Vol. 2-6 @ QC (begna112), OVA @ Edit (begna112)
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! Vol. 2 @ TM,TS,QC, TM (SP2) (all Period)
Gakkou Gurashi Vol. 1-6 @ All (begna112)
Keijo!!!!!!!! Vol. 1 @ edit (skiddiks)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond Vol 1-6 @ TL/Edit (Sei), Vol. 6 @ encode (begna112)
Kekkai Sensen and Beyond OAV OAV @ TL (Sei)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Vol. 1 @ QC, Vol. 2-6 @ encode (Saeval)
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni Vol. 1 @ encode (Saeval)
Kono Bijutsubu Vol. 1-6 @ All (Period)
Koukaku no Pandora Specials @ TL
Love Lab Vol. 7 @ TS (begna112)
Masamune-kun no Revenge Vol. 1-4 @ retiming (begna112), Vol 5-6 @ edit (Period), TLC (shinchan)
NGNL Vol. 6 @ QC (Stein)
ReZero Re:Petit All @ edit (Nazaki)
Soushin Shoujo Matoi OVA @ TL (Areki)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Vol 1-6 @ encode (begna112)
WWW.Working!! Vol. 4 @ extra scene TL



Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 07

Okay, the number of best girls in this show is kind of ridiculous.

Would you die to save best girl? What if I told you that fansubbing will help you do that? Join us in saving best girl. We’re in need of KFXers, Translators, and Translation Checkers as well as skilled editors, timers and typesetters. If any of these positions appeal to you, head over to our recruitment page to get started.

57 comments to Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 07

  • anonymous

    Took you long enough to realise that all girls are best girls here.

  • Speed subban.

  • Kamiyanstinx

    Too fast.

  • ¬_¬

    My browser got whiplash

  • Kamiyanstinx

    red entry when

  • Thanks for the episode!

  • Goddamn show is only getting better and better.

  • JoshyBoy


  • That was blazing fast,than you

  • Prologue

    How is this evil French Open Tennis affecting best show?

  • Gawd cliffhanger ep! Hang in there, DDY!

  • Thanks! This show is absolutely amazing!

  • Mizuhashi Yusuke


  • ruminechi

    Editor dead again?

  • CrySpy

    I guess this show is so depessing that the staff can’t handle it. Stay strong!

  • Jestery

    You can do it editor!

    • Bracket

      FWIW, episode 08 was released on the 22nd and DDY is working on it according to the sidebar.

      Just posting this for those that have been waiting for the next episode from DDY.

    • Fernaldy


      • Idk why they can’t get their shit together already. Like wtf it doesn’t take that long.

        • Shineek

          Maybe this show is cursed?

        • Fernaldy

          The entire staff restart their day from zero, so maybe they are still around the older episodes.

          • Shineek

            Heh thats exactly what happening right about now. Also am i the only one who this show remind of Dark Souls?

          • Marmotzel

            You mean the fact that he’s dying every 20min? Yes I think Dark Souls is the perfect comparison

          • Fernaldy

            His first bonfire is the merchant, but he took so long to reach second bonfire and lost too much souls.

          • Shineek

            What do you want the boss was even harder then the Nameless King, of course it took him so long.

          • Fernaldy

            Well, he died once by accident, like when you fall from high places.

        • Duck

          Is it just like 1 guy stalling it all every time?

    • LeChapo

      Yeah no thanks esse. Episode 8 and 9 been aired. Delay is on DDY-side. I dont tink theys can catch up. Double release of 8 and 9 would prove me wong thou

  • Jestery


  • osky

    sorry guys but 2 weeks is too long for aots. horrible here i come

    • Shineek

      It kinda is since its just and edit of CR script, but their quality of 1080p is still lower than DDY 720p. And im for the image quality here not the subs, so i have to stick with them no matter how long they take. Cant say every show on CR has worse image quality cause some like Akagami look like an actual 1080p, but in this case you dont even need to compare its easy to spot at first glance.

      • Duck

        I’m here for the reverse, they fix some weird lines from crunchyroll and have good typesetting . Can barely tell the difference in video quality

      • >funi Akagami looking good


        • Shineek

          If you know a subber who had a superior quality to funis 1080p than tell me, all the ones that had TV sources in 720p was looking garbage.

          • Subber’s 720 always looks the same as Funi’s 1080’s imo. Smaller file size is a huge bonus.

        • Kamiyanstinx

          FUNi has best quality when it comes to 1080p rips.

          • Shineek

            Video Quality yes, translating skill not so much, but i will always pick Video Quality over translation.Especially since original translations are very rare these days, and a CR script edit or Funi script edit can only get a little better, as editors dont bother checking if the line was correctly translated in the first place. I dont know japanese to a level to watfch wihtout subs, but even without understanding one word such mistranslated lines are so obvious it hurts. But since nothing can be done for its video quality over translation for me and probably will stay so forever, cause i doubt original translations will get back to be the main thing a fansub group does.

    • LeChapo

      Arriba homes, I cant wait no more, HoreibibleSubs here I cum

  • ariennai


  • Jestery

    incoming double release right?….right? ;_;

    • Shineek

      They are 1,5 week late with episode 8 which is still in TLC and you belive a double release is possible? I stopped beliving they gonna release it anytime soon, so im currently checking out the quality of the raws.

      • Duck

        Are you looking to do your own edit of re zero?

        • Shineek

          No, i just wanna watch it. I can understand being late for known reasons, but currently no one from the staff even cares to explain wtf is happening. So im just gonna download a RAW and get the HorribleSubs. .ass files for them. and thats it. Just have to check which raw provider has better quality as they both use same source, and i can only hope that they have same video quiality than DDY, Cause well HorribleSubs has the CR stream and its 1080p quality is lower than DDY 720p.

      • Jestery

        It was a hopeless joke

  • skyhack

    They are all watching tennis.

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